Gateway walks

For 22 years our focus has been on providing a platform for people to go walking in nature whilst also ensuring that they experienced everything that destination had to offer. To do this well we felt our trips had to be 7 days or longer. However, the reality is that it is not always possible […]

7 Easy Steps To Take When Preparing For A Hike

Are you preparing for a hike and looking for advice? Are falls on the track a particular concern for you? These “7 Simple Steps to Be Fall-Free on the Footpath” are for you. Put together by Dr Eric Eifler, an American sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon, he shared his advice with Scottsdale Health. Having to consistently treat these hiking […]

An unbiased review of what it’s like walking the Cape to Cape and Bibbulmun Tracks

This is the unbiased diary of a walker walking the Cape to Cape and Bibbulmun Tracks. Greg Simmonds walked both tracks on a fully supported, self guided holiday with his wife Mary last year. He shared his diary with us shortly after completing both holidays. We absolutely loved his narrative and wanted to share it with anyone […]

10 minutes with Merel

Merel is one of the most interesting , adventurous and just plain happy individuals you are ever going to meet. Her background is in biology, Dr Merel Dalebout to be precise, her PhD is in the field of evolution and ecology (specialising in whale biology) along with a host of other qualifications. But in the […]

Happy Memories of the Red Centre, by Beatrice

There was once a group of jolly Auswalkers Which Lisa and Marie Took out on a Red Centre Safari They all met up in Alice Springs Then headed to Mt Connor and Curtin Springs Once there sat for dinner on Lindy’s bough And utterly froze from top to toe However the dinner was very good […]