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For the last 20 years we’ve been perfecting Australian walking holidays. We only offer high quality itineraries to destinations we personally love. Our hand picked holidays showcase Australia, the amazing country that we’re lucky to call home.

If You Are Wondering

What Makes Us A Good Choice?

A backstage pass to Australia

As Australians, we know that we live in a lucky country. Where else could you find excellent walking in such a wide variety of environments including tropical rainforests, the remote outback, alpine regions, isolated coastlines, idyllic islands and rugged mountain ranges?

You see more on foot

We believe that the best way to really experience an area is to pass through it on foot. Unlike the view obtained through the windows of a bus, a traveller on foot moves at a leisurely pace. There is time to smell the flowers, watch a native bird as it darts amongst the colourful wild flowers, stop and chat with local characters and marvel at natures’ majestic landscapes.

We'll take care of everything

Leave the logistics of your holiday to us. We’ll organise all the accommodation, meals, transport, etc in advance, saving you time and ensuring that you’ll experience the best an area has to offer. We know the best places to stay and which ones to avoid. We know the best walking routes and how to help you discover more of an area that you could on your own.

Excellent value for money

At Auswalk we are committed to providing quality holidays that are excellent value for money, whether the price is high or low. Each trip has been thoroughly researched to ensure that high standards are met and maintained. Our program of regular review and our response to client feedback ensures that you will have a unique, enjoyable and memorable walking holiday

21 years of dependable service

Multi award winning Auswalk is advanced eco tourism certified among other things giving you the peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a professional company who cares.
Our walking routes are not simply the shortest distance between two points, but the best possible available. They take you to secluded, unspoiled places with few tourists; always beautiful, sometimes remote, usually peaceful, often wild.

If You Pick A Guided Walk

Meet Our Guides

Professional guides make a memorable holiday, and you’ll love our guides. Auswalk guides are all mature professionals with excellent leadership skills, local knowledge and experience in safely leading groups.

Their role is to organise all the logistics of the holiday and provide information about the areas you are visiting. They will safely lead the group, help to ensure that each person's expectations are met and that everyone has a stress free walking holiday.Our guides are enthusiastic people who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you. Above all, they are fun people to spend your holiday with!
Guides are trained to a high level in all areas of trip operation including safe driving techniques, first aid, emergency procedures, food handling, cooking, and environmental know how.Importantly, Auswalk has a current Advanced Ecotourism Certification so you can be assured of quality environmental interpretation.


Denise lives in Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains where she loves to ski and ride her mountain bike. She loves travelling too.


Gavin is married to Denise and shares her love for skiing, mountain bike riding, international travel and guiding for Auswalk.


Rob has 20 years of experience guiding tours. He has a particular interest in birds and leads tours with a botanical and zoological focus.


Trevor is a retired engineer living in Sydney. He particularly loves guiding people on walks around Sydney’s magical harbour.


Hugh lives on Flinders Island where he spends most of his time on his farming property. He loves showing off his island home to walkers.


Chris lives in the Blue Mountains where he guides for Auswalk and also works as a Parks Discovery Ranger in the National Park.


After enjoying a year of travelling around Australia, Lisa has settled down into her new home in the Blue Mountains.


Marie lives in Melbourne and guides all over Australia for Auswalk. She has a passion for sharing the environment with people.

What auswalkers think about our guides

Judy & Barry Cant, Great Ocean Walk Group Guided, March 2013

The best walk we have done. Our guides Marie and Gavin were wonderful – professional, caring, knowledgeable, patient and fun to be with.The organisation, attention to detail and co-operation from the moment we made contact with Auswalk to the completion of the walk was absolutely outstanding.

Michael & Victoria La Robina, Red Centre Group Guided – July 2013

Meals were delicious, generous and accommodation very comfortable.Marie and Lisa are fantastic guides - they were happy and blended into our personalities.Within a day the group got on so well. We had many funny talks and stories.


Louise O’Connor, November 2013

It was just so great and I feel refreshed enough to deal with whatever comes my way in the next few months. The ability to not have to do anything more than eat, sleep, drink, walk and observe beauty was all that I needed.

Jacqui Brooks, March 2014

For me, the entire experience, from the initial booking, to being picked up and dropped off at the airport at the beginning and ending of the walk was an extremely rewarding experience. Walking with Auswalk for a second time made me feel like family and I know I will be back.

Auswalk Style

You’ll enjoy comfortable accommodations at the end of each day’s hiking. Private rooms with ensuite bathrooms are the norm. Quality dining is important after a day on the track.
Our meals are nutritious and delicious and the wine list is never far away.

We’ve hand-selected your accommodations

Each property we use has been personally selected by Auswalk’s owners to ensure your comfort.

You'll love
our meals

Walking builds healthy appetite, so after a day on the track there's nothing better than tucking into delicious hearty meal.

You'll sleep

We chose accommodations in quiet locations and we recognise that quality beds are most important for a good night's sleep.

It's time to

Meet the Team


We’re pleased to welcome Maja back after travelling all over Europe and the UK for a couple of years.  


Tash has recently joined Auswalk as the office manager. She’s super fit and loves hiking and has two daughters.


Brett is Auswalk’s Sales & Marketing Manager. He’s walked all over including in the Himalayas, the Andes and in many parts of Australia.

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