The holidays in this brochure are packaged by Auswalk Walking Holidays Pty Ltd, Level 1, 7 Ardena Court, Bentleigh East VIC 3165, Australia, (ABN 96 823 776 989) hereafter referred to as Auswalk. Component services such as accommodation, meals, transport, sightseeing etc. are supplied by subcontractors to Auswalk. Auswalk does not accept liability for the actions or service standards of these subcontractors.


Inclusions are listed in the Fast Facts section of each brochure page. Accommodations described are typical but not specific and may change from time to time.


Your booking becomes valid after Auswalk has received both your deposit as specified and your completed booking form and you have received a confirmation letter from us. A person making a group booking is presumed to have authority from other group members to act on their behalf. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a booking based on the information revealed to us. If you are unsure about your suitability for your preferred trip please ask.


Self-guided walking holidays are independent and operate without a guide. They require a minimum of 2 people booking together. This is for safety and logistical reasons. Guided group trips require minimum numbers to operate and this varies from trip to trip. We may elect, at our discretion, to operate trips with small numbers. If numbers are particularly low, we may also elect to operate the trip with just one guide.


Our standard advertised prices are based on two people sharing a room. Single rooms may be available upon payment of an additional single supplement fee. Triple rooms are not available. Solo travellers are welcome on guided group trips. On guided group trips, if you wish to share a room, we will try to find a roommate of the same sex. Allocations will be made in the order bookings are received. If there is no one for you to share with, or if you prefer a single room, you must pay the single supplement fee.


Auswalk reserves the right to alter trip itineraries at any time to ensure satisfactory operation of trips. Reasons could include but are not limited to weather, walking track or national park closures, road conditions, change of suppliers, availability of meals, fuel, other transport etc that are necessary for the trip to operate.


a) If we have to cancel a self or group guided trip, we will advise you at least 30 days before departure.

b) If we have to cancel a trip before it has commenced, for any reason OTHER THAN FORCE MAJEURE, we will offer you the choice of either:

i) transferring to a different date or different trip, or

ii) accepting a full refund and refund monies paid.

Force Majeure:  If Auswalk determines, in its sole discretion, it must CHANGE OR CANCEL before or during a Tour because of an Act of God or other political, social, environmental events like, natural or man-made disasters, bushfires, earthquakes, pandemics, floods, terrorism, civil or political upheaval, wars, strikes, riots, weather events, etc or any other or other condition beyond its control (force majeure), Auswalk may suspend its performance, the Auswalk Refund/Cancellation Policy does not apply and no refunds or credits will be granted (unless as determined, in Auswalk’s sole discretion).

Additional Costs or Damages:  In any case, if we alter a Tour, or, cancel before or during a Tour – regardless of whether we issue any refund, Auswalk is not responsible for any costs (such as, but not limited to any indirect, consequential, incidental or other costs/damages) incurred by you or others in your booking party, including non-refundable airline tickets or change fees.

iii). COVID and Force Majeur. We understand that this is a difficult time and that plans may change due to COVID-19. That’s why, when you book with us you have the flexibility to change your travel plans if your trip is affected by COVID-19 – with the assurance that you’ll have options to re-book when it suits you. You can pick new travel dates or an entirely different trip. If your trip is cancelled before departure, you can transfer your payment and deposit to another available trip or hold your payment with us for up to 4 years with no change fees. We do not refund for any travel restriction associated with Covid-19. Fear of travelling is not a valid COVID related issue and our normal conditions apply.


a) You may change your trip starting date or transfer to another trip, provided that:

i) you advise us in writing more than 90 days prior to departure (75 days for Lord Howe Island trips)

ii) you pay a non refundable $200 administration fee per person

iii) all other monies held by us will be applied to the
new date/trip

iv) your new date/trip is within 12 months from
the date you advised us of the change

b) If you wish to cancel your trip and are not able to transfer to another trip as outlined above, we will charge the following amounts per person for estimated losses from the date we receive your written cancellation:

 i) more than 60 days before departure, $400 per person (75 days for Lord Howe Island trips)

  ii) between 59-21 days before departure, 50% of trip price (74-21 days for Lord Howe Island trips)

  iii) Note: on Camino in Style trip only 100% of trip price 30 days or less

  iv) between 20-15 days before departure, 80% of trip prices

  v)  14 days or less before departure, 100% of trip price

c) No refunds will be given for unused services after the trip starts. If payments are not received by the due dates we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

d) PLEASE NOTE: On all overseas trips a fee of $200 per person will be incurred if you wish to change or cancel the dates of your trip from time of booking.


Whilst the website and brochure content is correct at this time or going to print, we reserve the right to change any of our published prices. If there is a significant change we will notify you more than 30 days in advance of your trip and give you the option of accepting the change or obtaining a refund.

Trip prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are based on costs where the trip is located and exchange rates at the time of booking. We do our utmost to avoid making price increases, we reserve the right to amend prices without notice as follows: (a) for any negative currency fluctuations in excess of $100, at any time until full payment is received; and (b) for any other reasons outside of our reasonable control (including without limitation, to cover changes in government taxes and charges or a force majeure event), at any time prior to travel.


On guided tours, our guides are experienced mature people who take their responsibilities seriously. They are responsible for all aspects of the walking holiday including group safety, enjoyment and satisfactory operation of the trip. They have authority to do whatever is necessary to achieve these objectives, including not allowing you to participate in specific walks for the overall safety and/or interests of the group. You agree to abide with the guides’ decisions.


It is your responsibility to read the Auswalk brochure thoroughly and choose a trip within your ability. You must be fit enough to walk several days in a row, several hours per day. The route could include rough tracks, sand, steep ups and downs, heavy rain, strong winds, high or low temperatures. It is also your responsibility to bring suitable clothing & footwear and tell us of any relevant medical conditions or special diet requirements at the time of booking. We may not be able to supply your preferred diet. On self-guided trips, you must prepare carefully for each walk, paying particular attention to the comprehensive notes supplied. It is your responsibility to behave sensibly on the walk and not take risks. Stay on marked trails or roads. You acknowledge that you have the appropriate skills necessary to follow written directions. You are responsible for your own conduct during the trip and agree to indemnify Auswalk against any consequent liabilities you may incur.

On guided trips, you agree to follow the directions of the tour guide/s.

If you are over 80 years of age, we request that you provide us with a note from your doctor to say that you are fit enough to undertake the walk you are booking with us.


You acknowledge that you have read and understand these booking conditions, and realise that Auswalk holidays have greater risks than normal, because of remoteness from medical assistance, possible roughness of paths, steep ascents and descents, changeability of local conditions including physical exertion required, potential extremes of hot or cold or wet weather, transport delays and personal injury or illness. You acknowledge that your choice of this trip is partly because of its greater risks than normally occurring at home or work, and your subsequent satisfaction to be gained from your effort expended. You also acknowledge that walking tracks and/or national parks may be closed from time to time for various reasons including extreme weather events, and that you may not be able to walk on these days.


a) I understand that I, and each participant in the activities, will be engaging in activities involving a real risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including but not limited to weather conditions or other causes. I voluntarily accept all risks necessarily flowing from my participation, which could result in loss of life or injury.

b) I hereby release Auswalk (including its directors, employees, principals, agents and independent contractors) and all persons or corporations associated directly or indirectly with the conduct of the activities from all claims, demands and proceedings arising out of my participation in the activities and hereby indemnify them against all liability (including liability for their negligence and the negligence of others) for all injury, loss or damage arising out of or connected with my participation in the activities. This release shall extend to and include Auswalk and the organiser, partners, managers, officers, agents, contractors, organisation and volunteers including medical and paramedical personnel appointed for the activities, the owners, licensees, and occupiers of land on which the activities or any part of it are conducted or which is involved directly or indirectly with the activities in any manner whatsoever and activities organisers. This release and indemnity continues forever and binds my heirs, executors, personal representative and assigns.

c) I agree that before I participate in the activities, I will independently study and review relevant walking areas (particularly when undertaking isolated walks without Auswalk supervision) and I will immediately advise Auswalk of any unsafe condition that I have observed. I will refuse to participate in the activities until all unsafe conditions observed by me are rectified. I acknowledge that reasonable safety precautions are undertaken by Auswalk (such as supervision), but such are a service to me and other participants and are not a surety of safety.

d) As an activities participant I hereby agree to supply and wear my own suitable hiking related clothing, including footwear and safety equipment and see to my own minimum protective equipment requirements at all times whilst I am taking part in the activities and including carrying and learning to operate a Auswalk supplied EPIRB for any self-guided tour/s

e) I have independently assessed the activities and confirm and warrant I am physically fit to participate in the activities in which I have chosen to participate and I have not been advised otherwise by a medical practitioner. I do not have any possible relevant pre-existing medical or physical conditions, which may compromise my ability to undertake the activity. No physical ailments have been disclosed to Auswalk.

f) I consent to receiving any medical, e.g. first aid, treatment that Auswalk considers reasonably necessary during or after the activities.

g) I hereby acknowledge that I have the sole responsibility for my personal property during the activities.

h) I acknowledge the terms and conditions of this document are contractual in nature, are intended to have legal effect and are not a mere warning or recital. Auswalk is not responsible for my decision to participate in the activities and I was not induced by Auswalk to do so. I acknowledge my registration is not transferable to any other person. I have read this document, understand its contents and complete it of my own free will.


On the Tropical Hiker Trip you accept that part of the cost of the trip, the sum of $10 is the cost of joining the Australian Hiker Club only during and for the period of when you undertake the walking in the Daintree; for 2 days on average. On the Daintree section of the walking Auswalk provides the logistics only and that you accept that are walking as part of this club.


We highly recommend that you have adequate insurance against potential losses, damage or injury, including cancellation costs and loss of luggage.  Note that Auswalk charges cancellation fees and we cannot waive these.


All prices are in Australian dollars and payment may only be made in Australian dollars. A deposit of $400 per person is payable at time of booking. Balance payments are due 60 days prior to your trip. A fee of 1.5% will be charged on all credit card transactions.


After your deposit and booking form have been received we will send you a Fact Sheet with information on reaching the start/finish of the trip, suitable clothing, footwear and other essential information. After your trip has been paid for in full we will send you an Info Pack, including maps, information booklets and final notes. The Info Pack can be mailed to any Australian address for free, to New Zealand for $30 or any other country for $50.


We want to provide you with an enjoyable walking holiday, but no matter how careful we are, things might sometimes go wrong. We’d like to have complaints remedied as quickly as possible. If you have a difficulty or complaint during your trip please immediately bring it to the notice of your accommodation host or guide. He/she will be interested in your welfare and should be able to provide a remedy so you can continue to enjoy your trip. If the problem cannot be resolved, contact Auswalk immediately by phone or email. If necessary, independent arbitration can be sought through Victorian Tourism Industry Council after your trip.


By ticking that you agree with the booking conditions you have agreed to have contact from us. There is no other way for us to effectively deliver what we do. We will send a very limited number of newsletters explaining what’s going on in regard to your trip and in the walking world  in general. If you do not wish to have this contact please let us know right now at alternatively, you will always have the option to unsubscribe at a later date.


This agreement and the rights and responsibilities of the parties will be construed and take effect in accordance with and be governed by the laws of Victoria.