Larapinta Loonies – A poem by Auswalker Michael Gibbs about walking the Larapinta Trail

They arrived from around Australia – a very motley crew. Michael, John and Charlie, the three deaf men; Megan, Tony, Henrietta, Shylie…

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Nakasendo Way Trail – by Sam Ludbey

I’ve felt the desire to hike trails throughout Australia and overseas. It’s a new interest. My kids are grown up. I’m relishing…

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H is for Hiking

I have a ‘Life List’. My Life List is a list of everything I want to do while I am still young…

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Kumano Nachi Taisha

Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trail – Overview of the Routes

Throughout the southern Kansai area, there is a network of ancient pilgrimage trails known as Kumano Kodo that connect the three grand…

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Okunoin Cemetery at Mount Koya

The Kumano Kodo Trail – an Ancient Japanese Pilgrimage

One of our favourite walks, Explore Kumano Kodo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, tucked into the mountainous Kii Peninsula and discover Japan’s rich…

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three capes lodge walk

The Three Capes Track – an Ultimate Guide to Hiking

The Three Capes Track Overview Tasmania is a treasure trove for avid hikers looking to immerse themselves in the natural landscape of…

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