The 1200-year-old Kumano Kodo trail traverses the sacred Kii mountain range through villages and forests to extraordinary ancient shrines and waterfalls. You get to walk in the footsteps of imperial and aristocratic families who walked this track as far back as 794AD.

The Kumano Kodo is one of only two world heritage listed walks, and we’ve selected what we think are the must do Kumano Kodo walks, through the mountains, with the not to be missed views over the 3600 peaks and Nachisan. At night after the walks, soak in an onsen while staying in traditional Japanese accommodation, savouring elaborate traditional Japanese multi-course dinners and breakfasts.



  • This trip is for those who want a taste of the Kumano Kodo experience but don’t have the time.  Each day you’ll still enjoy authentic Japanese meals served in elegant tatami mat settings staying in small traditional Japanese Ryokans or Minshukus.
  • An ancient hike through Buddhist and Shinto history together with an immersive backcountry Japanese cultural experience away from the ultra-hyper modern city.
  • Walk pack free on well graded trails; wondrous views, old forest and bathe in onsens each day. We can vary the lengths of walks on the Kumano Kodo on most days.
  • Local support on the ground for your safety.
  • See the Grand Shrines at Hongu and Nachi-san, along with Nachi-taki waterfall.
  • Walk with a company that has nearly 30 years of experience providing self-guided walks.
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