It’s not surprising that for decades Auswalker’s have been calling the Flinders Ranges (Ikara) out as one of Australia’s best walking destinations. On this Flinders Ranges tour you’re granted unique access to the very heart of the Australian Outback with pack free walks that take you to Rawnsley Bluff, Dutchmans Stern, Tanderra Saddle,  Wilpena Pound and Black Gap among other places.

The 360 degree views from the summit into Wilpena Pound, the magnificent natural amphitheatre, that stands 300m higher than the famous red rock is worth the trip alone.

The Flinders Ranges is a hiker’s El Dorado. There’s the one of a kind colour scheme, the red ochre vistas, abandoned homesteads that pepper the landscape, eagles soaring overhead in thermal winds that sweep off the Pound and so much more you can only truly get a feeling for by walking here. There’s also a gentler side of this unique destination walking the Pound floor avoiding the territorial emus and roos as you traverse the native cypress pines and massive meandering creek beds studded with majestic river red gums.


  • Genuinely fully inclusive
  • Flinders Ranges guided hikes to Rawnsley Bluff, Black and Bridal Gaps, Tanderra Saddle, Wilpena Pound & Dutchmans Stern
  • Helicopter flight over the Flinders Ranges walking trails we have hiked
  • 4 nights accommodation in ensuite rooms
  • 360 degree views into the pound and over the surrounding area
  • Chef prepared à la carte 2 course meals and cooked breakfasts each day
  • Easy and hard pack free walks offered each day
  • 2 mature experienced Flinders Ranges tour guides with local knowledge of the region
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