The Hinterland of the Gold Coast is the largest protected area of subtropical rainforest in the world, with sizeable warm temperate rainforest and nearly all of Australia’s remaining Antarctic beech cool temperate rainforest. Here, massive Strangler Figs, ancient Antarctic beech, Red Cedar, Rosewood and Booyongs tower overhead whilst hundreds of different species of palms, vines, ferns and orchids flourish beneath. This is Gondwana Rainforest at its very best.

The Gold Coast Hinterland walking trail starts in Lamington National Park and traverses a landscape at least as old as the dinosaurs, linking the World Heritage-listed Lamington and Springbrook plateaus. We have selected the most scenic tracks through this unspoilt rainforest – tracks that pass numerous cascading streams and towering waterfalls, crisscross creeks and present the most beautiful locations to bask, eat lunch and simply just relax.

The walking is mesmerising up here, with peaks reaching over 1100m and the steep untracked southern edge forms an impressive natural border with the state of New South Wales. Highlights include walking the volcano rim, doing the Treetops walk and climbing the huge Strangler Fig tower.

This walk is a true challenge as you traverse the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk from one end to the other as it winds its way through the mountains. However, it is paced to maximize time enjoying the natural scenery. Relax in the evenings at the unique and charming rainforest retreats and lodges.

We offer this destination as either a 5-day (includes 3.5 days of walking) or 7-day (includes 5.5 days of walking) itinerary.

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