The Kumano Kodo walk across the Kii Peninsula on the 1200-year-old UNESCO world heritage listed trail to end at Nachi-san, via the sacred Kumano mountains is one of only two world heritage listed walks the other being the Camino de Santiago.

The Kumano area, located at the southern end of the Kii Peninsula just 110 kilometres south-east of Osaka (not much further from Kyoto) is very easy to access. Walking the Kumano Kodo is like taking a step back in time into a period of Japanese cultural history to when pilgrimaging was seen to be the highest goal, for emperors, aristocrats and monks alike.


  • This self-guided trip is designed to allow you the opportunity to choose when and who you want to walk with and at your own pace.
  • Walk the full Kumano Kodo Nakahechi as it cuts its way through mountains, forest, small villages and to stunning Japanese temples brought to life by the Japanese monks that live there.
  • There’s the opportunity to add the Kohechi route and a couple of days walking at the spiritual capital of Shingon Buddhism in Koyasan. The stunning town of Koyasan at the top of Mount Koya known for its’ temples and its’ natural beauty is world heritage listed. The Kumano Kodo Kohechi route links Koyasan with Hongu Taisha.
  • What makes this walk even more special is the immersive traditional Japanese experience. In the evenings soak in your Ryokan or Minshuku’s onsen, dine traditionally and savour Japanese multi-course dinners and breakfasts. There’s also an opportunity to bath in a 1200-year-old onsen.
  • Witness outstanding natural beauty as you walk, see the Grand Shrines at Hongu and Nachi-san, along with Nachi-taki waterfall, the tallest in Japan.
  • Walk toward becoming a dual pilgrim by walking the Kumano Kodo (the other world heritage listed walk is the (Camino de Santiago) at your own pace with the comforting knowledge that you have local support on the ground.
  • Importantly, we can vary the length of walks on the Kumano Kodo most days.  We can also customise itineraries to suit your needs.