Blue Mountains Grand Traverse - Things You Must Know Before Hiking Blue Mountains

9 Things You Must Know Before Hiking Blue Mountains

Partner with us for your next adventure when you walk or hike the Blue Mountains and surrounds. Located west of Sydney in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains is a destination not to be missed. As you witness its dramatic scenery and pass over rugged terrain, through eucalyptus forests and around waterfalls, you will understand its beauty and why it is an ideal destination for a walk or hike.

In a previous Austalk titled ‘Auswalk’s new luxury walking holiday in world heritage area, Blue Mountains NSW’, we announced the commencement of our new 3 day (2 night) Blue Mountains Grand Traverse walking experience including transport to and from Sydney. Home of the famous Three Sisters at Echo Point, the Blue Mountains National Park offers panoramic spectacles with many viewing points that will keep you gazing at its marvellous natural features.

Before you plan your next Blue Mountains walking tour or Blue Mountains hiking tour, be mindful of the following 9 things you must know.

(1) Understand Your Objective

Whether you wish to join a guided walking or hiking tour or lead a self-guided walking or hiking tour, ensure that you understand what your objective is. Our tours are designed to be flexible to suit your needs, and we also allow you to custom-plan your tour too. Whether you are commemorating a special occasion, or want to enjoy your holiday away from the city rush and noise, we can help you design a peaceful walk or hike that you will remember for life.

(2) Understand Your Capabilities

A Blue Mountains walk or a Blue Mountains hike does require effort. Whilst we encourage everyone to experience our guided or self-guided walks or hikes, we do reiterate that you assess your physical capabilities. We want you and your friends or family to enjoy the experience and not have to worry about any physical ailments. We can help you design a walking path that will consider your personal requirements.

(3) The Terrain

The Blue Mountains has a rough terrain. However, there has been significant developments to help facilitate pleasant walks and hikes. There will be ups and downs, and that is to be expected given the location of the Blue Mountains. Depending on how close you want to be to the Blue Mountains natural beauty, we can tailor your walk and help you trek through various unique parts of the park in a safe manner.

(4) The Climate

The climate at the Blue Mountains is cooler than Sydney’s city centre. Reasonable walking or hiking clothing is advised so that your body temperature remains stable throughout the walk or hike. We can help recommend appropriate clothing so that your body stays healthy and fit during your luxury experience.

(5) Consult With Friends, Family and Professional Service Providers

It is best to talk to someone who has done it before. The Blue Mountains is visited by many people throughout the year, and it is a famous local and tourist destination. If you have any queries about what to expect, feel free to speak to one of our professional and experienced team for their insights and tips.

(6) Pack Well

Whilst we ensure that you pack as little as possible, remember to include your essential items so that you feel comfortable. We can help you prepare a list of things you need to help you make your walk or hike a pleasant experience. However, do not overpack! Pack only what you require so that you are not burdened by the weight of unnecessary items.

(7) Study the Location

Remember to have a good idea of where you will be walking or hiking. Especially if you select to undertake a self-guided walking or hiking experience, ensure that you understand the route and know where the emergency paths are in case something goes wrong. Never rely on a last-minute study of the maps and information guides. The route might be complex, so spend enough time as you need.

(8) Take Rest Before The Walking Or Hiking Day

Sleep well the night before so that you are physically and mentally ready for your walk or hike journey. There will be much to do and see throughout the day and you will need to stay alert so that you absorb the scenery and stay focussed during your trek. Ensure that you are feeling relaxed during the day and are well hydrated and nourished.

(9) Partner With A Professional

Finally, partner with a professional service provider for the ultimate walking or hiking experience. At Auswalk, you will travel with Australia’s leader and pioneer of supported walking holidays. Our luxury walks provide you with an experience beyond the walk or hike. In addition to your unique access to Australia’s real natural beauty on foot, we offer a hot shower, a good meal and a comfortable bed waiting for you at the end of your trek.

Whether you want to take one of our self-guided walks, guided walks or design a custom built trip for your group of family and friends, you will always be in comfort and walking pack free. Auswalk are the trusted experts allowing you to walk any time of year, with who you want and in just about any destination you choose.

To help you plan your next walking or hiking adventure, call us on (03) 9597 9767 and we will happily design your perfect walking or hiking holiday experience.

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